Breaking the Mindset That Risk Management Is Insurance

Breaking the Mindset That Risk Management Is Insurance


In the world of F-22 Raptor flight test engineering where I came from, failure was not an option and neither was insurance.

Business is about taking risks, not being stifled by risk management practices that don’t work and are often the result of academic exercises instead of practical, real-world experience. It’s about rapidly identifying critical and strategic risks and then addressing them with the best and most effective countermeasures that will enable your core business to grow, your ideas to flourish, and your objectives to be achieved. Risk management should support the business; yet, all too often it only “checks a box” and even slows progress.

At The Feagin Company , we excel at sustainable, integrated, and effective business management processes that help businesses run faster, better, and at lower costs. Your objectives are important to us and we look forward to celebrating your success by enabling decision making capabilities and processes that support the “upside” of intelligent risk-taking and the achievement of opportunities.


Our Team

Sid Feagin


Roy Benjamin


Dean Carrera


Rick Leahy


Solving critical enterprise problems with sustainable solutions

This is what we excel at…


Assurance and Capability Assessments

How mature are your risk management capabilities? Does the board need assurances around your risk management capabilities? We use independent, non-advocate assessment tools to provide board and executive level leaders with insights and solutions that are based on objective and unbiased criteria.

Risk Identification and Prioritization

Establishing a relevant risk profile starts with effective identification of the threats to the business. Our facilitated approach is tailored to individual business needs and utilizes our proprietary methods to identify, define, assess, prioritize, and manage those risk most important to the organization.


Strategy Development & Implementation

With our Fortune 500 and private company experience, we provide proven and sustainable solutions to organizations seeking to implement or improve risk management capabilities. In addition to onsite delivery, we also offer virtual coaching for those organizations seeking to build their solutions “in-house.”


Reducing overhead is critical to protecting profits and margins; thus, not every company can afford to employ a qualified full-time risk manager. Our outsourcing capabilites utilize senior-level individuals that are highly competent and capable of delivering results in-person or virtually based on organizational needs.

Case Studies

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • F22 Raptor
    Aerospace & Defense
  • Circuit Board
  • Cargo ship in port
  • Tractor in field harvesting grain
  • Medical Charts
  • Oil and Gas Rig
    Energy, Gas, & Oil
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    Mergers & Acquisitions
  • project management
    Project Risk Management
  • truck
    Supply Chain Risk management

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The Feagin Company

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, we are recognized for our ability to help companies solve critical enterprise business problems with practical and sustainable solutions. Through our techniques, methods, and processes, we often see companies thrive in areas where they are experiencing difficulties, losses, and even systemic failures.  All of our consultants are experienced professionals with senior level experience.

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