Are Surprises killing Your Company?

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Are Surprises killing Your Company?

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Risk Management consultant Sid Feagin


In the world of F-22 Raptor flight test engineering that I come from, failure was not an option, and neither was insurance. 

Business is about taking risks, not being stifled by risk management practices that don’t work and are often based on academic exercises instead of practical, real-world experience. It’s about rapidly identifying critical and strategic risks, then addressing them with effective countermeasures that will enable your business to grow, your ideas to flourish, and your objectives to be achieved. Risk management should support the business; yet, all too often, it only “checks a box” and even slows progress.

At The Feagin Company, we excel at sustainable, integrated, and effective business management processes that help businesses run faster, better, and at lower costs. Your objectives are important to us and we look forward to celebrating your success by enabling decision-making capabilities and processes that support the upside of intelligent risk-taking and the achievement of opportunities.

Solving critical enterprise problems with sustainable solutions


Program/Project Risk Management


Managed Services

Industries Served

risk management industries
risk management industries

Case Studies

  • F22 Raptor
    Aerospace & Defense
  • Tractor in field harvesting grain
  • Oil and Gas Rig
    Energy, Gas, & Oil
  • Medical Charts
  • Cargo ship in port
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
    Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Pharmaceutical
  • project management
    Project Risk Management
  • truck
    Supply Chain Risk management
  • Circuit Board

The Feagin Company

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The Feagin Company

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, we are recognized for our ability to help companies solve critical enterprise business problems with practical and sustainable solutions. Through our techniques, methods, and processes, we help companies thrive in areas where they were experiencing difficulties, losses, and even systemic failures.  All of our consultants are experienced professionals with senior level experience.

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