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“A loss occurs when a process is not followed, a process is inadequate, or a  process doesn’t exist.”


Businesses must take risks in order to be competitive and grow the bottom line, but taking risks doesn’t have to be haphazard. our business process improvement methods help to eliminate uncertainty, waste, and lack of information surrounding strategic objectives, losses, and the risk profile itself.

Our analytical facilitated approach to business process improvement is run by seasoned Lean Certified experts and proven to identify vulnerabilities, uncertainty, and risks in key business processes and functions like Mergers & Acquisitions, Safety, Controls, and many other functional and process areas.

deep analysis

For years, Lean/Six-sigma principles have provided organizations with immense cost savings and efficiencies. While primarily applied to manufacturing processes, many of the tools and methods are applicable to business processes.

As risk process owners, we saw many business losses resulting from Strategy, Operations, M&A, Safety incidents, policies, misalignment of priorities and interests, and other areas. After examining these negative impacts more closely, we began to understand that there were many process failures in addition to inefficiencies that led to the losses, some of which were substantial and running into the millions.

“Why not improve the process instead of waiting for the same thing to happen again?” we asked. It took a company willing to take a risk on us with their M&A capabilities, but after we applied our process improvement methods, they were acquiring companies faster and closer to the original LOI than ever before. Their due-diligence and integration efforts also saw significant improvement. Our process methods have also been applied to “look-backs” with lessons learned becoming a continuous improvement component of their M&A process.

In another case, a shipyard had an average of 3 deaths per year, with substantial insurance premiums as a result. After applying our business process improvement methodology, the company was able to identify root causes and to roll out a comprehensive safety program. Within a year, there was a significant drop in safety incidents, insurance premiums, and the death rate fell by over 1 head per year.

We start by analyzing a specific business process, function, or loss. An event where the organization has experienced significant losses or perceives a great deal of uncertainty is a great candidate. We then apply a systematic and proven series of steps, tools, and methods that culminates in a facilitated workshop and an implementation plan aimed at reducing or eliminating such losses from occurring again.

Like you, we love measurable results. Outcomes from these events often result in substantial cost avoidance, savings, and improved efficiencies. All of this adds up to improvements in bottom-line performance and reduced risk exposure once treatments are implemented.



Proven methods and tools to systematically dissect specific risks and loss events aimed at improving your bottom line performance


Mergers & Acquisitions, specific risk and loss events, business functions and critical business processes


Significant cost avoidance, reduced risk exposure, cost savings due to efficiencies, and improved process performance

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Business Process Improvement

How does it work?

Deep Analysis of the Variables

Each problem identified requires its own unique approach. For this reason, we customize the approach and select the tools and methods best suited to achieve desired outcomes. For starters, we define the problem at a granular level and then seek to understand all of the factors that casued the loss or could potentially cause loss. These factors are then aligned with their governing processes which are then deeply analyzed so that uncertainty, waste, and loss can be systematically identified and eliminated.


What Is The Process?

You fill out a request and we schedule a call with you to make sure we are aligned with your priorities and a good fit for your organization. Once in alignment, we develop and present a statement of work and a top-level project plan for your consideration. Once you approve, we get started.


What Happens Next?

Typical projects take anywhere from 4-6 weeks; however, we have done some events in less than 2 weeks. Factors that drive timing include complexity and scope of the event or events being analyzed. When the treatments are approved, we work with assigned owners to help them complete their tasks. We then perform post analysis to ensure that treatments are working as expected.

The Feagin Company

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, we are recognized for our ability to help companies solve critical enterprise business problems with practical and sustainable solutions. Through our techniques, methods, and processes, we help companies thrive in areas where they were experiencing difficulties, losses, and even systemic failures.  All of our consultants are experienced professionals with senior level experience.

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