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powerful partners in cyber risk management

We are partnered with PCI-University, a remarkable cyber risk management platform which utilizes video, powerful tools, and patented assessments to help you understand and manage PCI-DSS before it negatively impacts your business.

If you use a 3rd party vendor for your Point-of-Sale (POS) solution, you may think you have transferred your PCI-DSS risks, when in fact you haven’t. Taking the PCI-DSS assessment with our personal service is quick, easy, intuitive. The impact of a breach has, in many cases, caused companies to go out of business. For this reason, the risk of not knowing and understanding your vulnerabilities is simply too high.

A unique approach to provide the solutions you need

Many of our clients use POS services and store credit card information, yet they are completely unaware of the vulnerabilities to their business due to these transactions. In fact, many organizations believe their POS vendor is liable if a breach occurs and this is simply not true. In most cases, you are.

With cyber breaches on the rise, we felt it was critical to provide a focused service around PCI-DSS compliance in our cyber risk management and help organizations understand their PCI-DSS obligations in order to identify and mitigate their vulnerabilities. To do this, we partnered with an organization that we believe represents the best and most mature assessment solution in the industry, PCI University.

Our approach utilizes the PCI University platform to assess your risks and vulnerabilities in layman’s terms. We believe this is the best approach since it provides a completely independent and non-advocate assessment of your vulnerabilities. Other companies use their in-house assessments, which in many cases are aimed at selling you other products instead of focusing on reducing your PCI-DSS exposure.

We work alongside you to help you complete your PCI University Assessment and understand your results, prioritize your risks, and take appropriate actions to remediate or reduce your exposure.

When technical solutions are needed–like penetration testing or network vulnerability scans–we can provide you with vetted and proven vendors that are right for your organization.

If you need insurance in case of a breach, we have access to some of the largest brokerage firms and underwriting markets in the world. You may not think this is important, but, for many SMB’s, their access to competitive cyber insurance is limited. We open doors to a broader market for you. Because of our credibility and access to these markets, we have saved clients thousands of dollars in annually recurring premiums while providing them with world-class protection.

Additional remedies include developing or maturing your governance, incident response plans, communications, and disaster recovery plans. Our philosophy is to leave nothing to chance. That is why we have worked so diligently to make sure you have the most comprehensive solutions you need to turn your focus back to your core business.

Want to know more?

Personal Coaching

We help you through your assessment and provide valuable feedback to help you prioritize any remediation you may need..


Focused Delivery

We don’t bog you down with big words and fancy concepts, just the facts that you need to protect your business.

Tools and Resources

After you complete your assessment, we provide you with tools and resources to quickly address any gaps.

Ongoing Support

We realize that PCI-DSS compliance is a journey. We will be here for you when you need us.

An easy, results-oriented, and SYSTEMATIC PROCESS


See a business owner learn a very expensive lesson in PCI compliance


A proprietary data breach calculator that measures the impact of a breach



A Patent Pending PCI-Q™ assessment unique to your industry and business



Patent Pending PCI-Q™ scoring that shows your potential risk


Action Plan

An easy-to-follow action plan tailored to your business

Trusted Vendors

A Quick-Connect link to trusted security vendors selected to meet the specific needs of your action plan

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