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Organizations are continuing to increase investments supply chain risk management (SCRM) in an effort to prevent disruption and gain predictive insights. Often times, SCRM focuses on “top-spend” or the largest vendors, ignoring disruption to an organization’s business products holistically. The fact is, supply chain disruption most often occurs several layers down in the supply chain, in places where there is little to no visibility.

When disruption occurs in the supply chain, revenue loss, brand erosion, and other impacts are often realized. 

We understand supply chain risks and have built some of the largest SCRM frameworks that have saved or avoided millions in disruption and loss. Our specialty is in helping organizations establish sustainable risk management governance and capabilities to identify and mitigate risks and events quickly, protecting your organization’s revenue and brand. We also integrate this with the organization’s Enterprise Risk Management system to provide senior leaders and board members with the necessary oversight and assurance that supply chain risks are being managed effectively.

Proactive decision-making for faster responses

Our partnership with Supply Risk Systems integrated with our supply chain risk governance solutions provides for systematic and real-time risk analysis and reduction. Additionally, the predictive risk identification, assessment and prioritization capabilities allow for proactive decisions to be made rather than reactive ones.

To support response speed, we implement workflow and communication tools to allow for a geographically diverse team to respond rapidly to supply chain disruptions with one voice.  Our systems provide essential crisis response  tools to act proactively and support existing business continuity, crisis management, and enterprise risk management functions.

SCRM Governance

Establishing capabilities to manage and integrate supply function risks in order to understand and address priorities.

Competitive Advantage

When there is disruption, it is critical to have the most comprehensive information available to make rapid and well informed decisions.

Tools & Resources

The right governance, organizational capabilities, and tools like the Supply Risk Solution platform are integrated into your business to provide powerful insights and capabilities that reduce exposure, limit impacts, and protect the business.

supply chain risk management

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